Consul General

Mr. Navaraj Dhakal

Consul General, Consulate General of Nepal, Lhasa

Personal Information

Date of Birth: 15/04/1974

Permanent Address: Bellkot -6, Nuwakot, Nepal

Email address :


November 2020 – Consul General, Lhasa
August 2020- November 2020 Joint Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
June 2017 – August 2020 Joint Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies
March 2019-July 2020 Executive Director, Nepal Intermodal Development Board (Additional responsibility)
March 2015 – May 2017 Joint Secretary, Spokesperson, Election Commission, Nepal(ECN)
October 2012- February 2015 Under Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Supplies
November 2009 to October 2012 Under Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers
Feb 2003 to October 2009 Assistant Chief District Officer/ Section Officer, Ministry of Home Affairs and under

Academic Qualifications

Master’s in Public Policy Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea, 2012

Master of Arts in Rural Development, Tribhuvan University, Nepal , 2003( Gold Medalist)

Master of Business Administration from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, 2000


Strategic Management and Planning : Australian National University, ANU , 2019

Mastering Trade Negotiation: Harvard University, USA, April, 2015

Trade Policy Analysis, January 2013, conducted by Sussex University in Kathmandu

LDCs Issues and Concerns for Bali MC-9, UNESCAPE, Kathmandu February 11-13, 2013,

Trade Negotiations, jointly organized by WTO and MoCS, February 5-7

Trade Facilitation/ Need Assessment workshop organized by MoCS in May 12,2013

BPA for Agricultural Products, April ,2013 UNESCAPE

Basic Administrative Training form NASC for 90 working days in 2003

Professional Management Training form NASC for 30 working days in 2005

Negotiation Simulation Course, October, 2015, WTO/ITD Bangkok

Participation in Bilateral / Regional /Multilateral Trade Negotiations

Head of Nepali Delegation in Bilateral/Regional Trade negotiations:

  1. Nepal- China’s TAR Trade Facilitation Committee (NTTFC), Lhasa, 2-4 July, 2019
  2. Nepal-Bangladesh Bilateral Trade Negotiation , 22-23 October, 2019, Kathmandu
  3. Nepal- Bhutan Bilateral Trade Negotiation , September 5-7, 2019, Kathmandu
  4. Nepal-India Bilateral Negotiation on Transit with Government of India, 26-27 November, 2019, Kathmandu
  5. Nepal-India Bilateral Trade Negotiation on treaty of Trade, 26-27 September, 2019, New Delhi
  6. Nepal-India Bilateral Negotiation on Rail Service Agreement, 2-3 June , 2019, New Delhi
  7. 21St BIMSTEC Trade Negotiation Committee Meeting in Dhaka April, 2019
  8. BIMSTEC Connectivity Study II, 2019 Kathmandu
  9. SAFTA(Virtual Meeting) on Trade Facilitation March 2020
  10. Intergovernmental meeting on Dry Ports, 13-15 November, 2019, Bangkok, Thailand
  11. UNDESA Productive Capacity Development Project Negotiation, November, 2015, Switzerland, Geneva, United Nations
  12. Implementation of electronic alert system in Nepal for SPS/TBT, United Nation Headquarter, USA, April 2015
  13. UN Committee for Development Policy(CDP) UNDESA) 16-22 November, 2014
  14. Negotiation Group on Trade Facilitation (NGTF, May 20-25, 2013 WTO, Geneva as the Capital base officer

Member of Nepali Delegation:

  1. Nepal- China’s TAR Trade Facilitation Committee (NTTFC), Lhasa, 2015
  2. Nepal- China’s TAR Trade Facilitation Committee(NTTFC)Kathmandu,August,2014,
  3. Nepal China’s Tibet Trade Facilitation Committee (NTTFC) Meeting Lhasa, August11-12, 2013
  4. Bilateral meeting on Protocol of Nepal China Transit Transport Agreement, in October, 2018 Beijing
  5. Protocol of Nepal PR China Transit and Transport Protocol in 2019 in Kathmandu.
  6. Nepal PR China Security related matters Delegation of Nepal Lead by Home Secretary in 2015
  7. Nepal China’s TAR Expo held in China’s TAR in 2014 (Led by Chief Secretary of GON)
  8. Kunming Trade Fair (Led by Commerce Minister of Nepal _ PM of Nepal had attended the inaugural session ) , June 6-12, 2014, PR China
  9. Nepali delegation to PR China during formal visit of them DPM/Foreign Minister Kamal Thapa, in 2014
  10. Ministerial meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Xian and Beijing September 2015
  11. Secretary Level Talks Between Nepal and Bangladesh March 2-4, 2020
  12. Nepal India Trade and Transit related Several Meetings including IGC/ Joint Commissions during 2014-2016 and 2018-2020
  13. BBIN Motor Vehicle Agreement/ Trade And Connectivity related meetings
  14. BBIN (Sub regional meeting), New Delhi, 29 Jan- 1 Feb, 2015, India
  15. Nepal- India Joint Commission Meeting, June 2014, Kathmandu
  16. Trade Advisory Event Meeting, United Kingdom, June 16, -21, 2014 United Kingdom
  17. Value Chain Development in Asia Pacific, May, 5-8, 2014 Singapore
  18. Final Regional Review of APoA, Lao PDR, March 5-7, 2013

Family :

Lives with wife and two sons