Message from the Consul General

Dear Visitors,


This is the official website of the Consulate General of Nepal in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China. The Consulate General of Nepal in Lhasa is Nepal’s oldest diplomatic mission set up in the seventeenth century. It is also the only foreign diplomatic mission stationed in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) of China. Nepal had established ‘Naya Residency’ in 1650s and ‘Wakil Karyalaya’ in 1856 in Lhasa to facilitate trade and commerce between Nepal and Tibet. After the establishment of formal diplomatic relations between Nepal and the People’s Republic of China in 1955, the Consulate General of Nepal in Lhasa was established on 20 September 1956.
Nepal and Tibet Autonomous Region of China share close economic, cultural, social and religious ties. Since ancient times, Nepali and Tibetan people have traversed through the rugged Himalayas for trade, tourism, pilgrimage, marriage and other socio-religious purposes. Nepali princess Bhrikuti, who is worshipped as ‘Green Tara’ in Tibet, was married to the Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo in the seventh century. The Nepali architect Arniko (Anige), who was initially invited to build a golden stupa in Tibet in the thirteenth century, went on to build the White Pagoda in Beijing and several other iconic monuments throughout China, heralding rich and flourishing cultural exchange between Nepal and China.
Nepal-Tibet trade goes a long way back in history. In 1956, four cities of Tibet namely Lhasa, Shigatse, Gyantse and Yatung were designated as major trading cities for Nepali traders. Currently there are three international and three bilateral exit-entry points between Nepal and TAR. Several important trade treaties and agreements have been signed between the two sides to promote bilateral trade and commerce. Nepal is a firm supporter to One-China policy and is strongly committed on not allowing any kind of anti-Chinese activities on Nepali territory. In 2019, during the historic visit of the Chinese President H.E. Xi Jinping to Nepal, the two countries entered into ‘Strategic Partnership of Cooperation Featuring Ever-lasting Friendship for Development and Prosperity’ unfurling ever-wider prospects for Nepal-China relations. In the same year, Nepal and China signed the Protocol of the Transit Transport Agreement, 2016, which allows Nepal to use China as transit country for third country trade. Nepal and China are working together to promote connectivity and to develop trade related infrastructures between Nepal and TAR.
As per various agreements between Nepal and China, peoples of the bordering districts of both countries can cross the border without visa and passport. Nepal can also use certain Tibetan highways to transport cargos from one part to another part of Nepal.
The objective of the Consulate General of Nepal in Lhasa is to strengthen and promote bilateral relations between Nepal and China’s TAR in all fields of mutual interest, particularly in trade & commerce, transit, foreign direct investment, energy, transportation, tourism and people-to-people relations. Likewise, the Consulate facilitates friendly visits and exchanges between Nepal and TAR and provides consular services to Nepali people living in TAR.
Dear visitors, you shall find all important notices, news, updates and press releases of the Consulate General of Nepal, Lhasa on this website. We will try to be most inclusive, up-to-date and accurate in the days to come. Creative suggestions and feedback to improve this website are always welcome.
Thank you!

Navaraj Dhakal
Consul General